'On Monday, Sports Direct's shares slumped to a new low of 190¾p after it emerged that Mike Ashley, deputy chairman and majority shareholder of Sports Direct, had settled a dispute with Merrill over a £200,000 legal bill with a game of "spoof".'
rigby and saigol | the game | spoof

'Economic policymakers who seek to correct past errors by doing today what they wished they had done yesterday actually compound their errors. They are in their way as dangerous as generals fighting the last war. We do not yet know how much economic conditions will change or whether current concerns will prove transitory. But if recent developments mark a genuine change, let us hope that policymakers look forwards rather than backwards.’
summers | policy | statecraft

'The times may have become ripe for turning self-control into a form of evangelism,  sensing that our wish to be the planet’s saviours is also a bid for immortality. We discern a new mastery to be enjoyed over the life of everyday stuff and we consider ourselves responsible for stewardship of the ecosystem, or the egosystem.'
o’hagan | waste




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