Webcite is a site full of citations; a repository of epigraphs for unwritten books, collected for and posted by an imagined community of readers.

Webcite welcomes, and hopes to be built upon, citations sent by its readers from a wide and original range of sources. The site will be updated regularly to keep interested readers up-to-date with the thoughts, reading-habits and dabblings of their community. Please send your citations to cite@webcite.org.uk.

Webcite aims to be original and thought-provoking. Those looking for a quote from a former Prime Minister or Oscar Wilde to get an essay or article off to an easy start should try the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations; those open to the abstract and the power of ideas should explore a little, dust off their notebooks, type out their favourite citations, and keep a keen eye out for more idea-fodder.

What would you like to do now? Read citations which lay bare the foundations of webcite, browse by topic, author, source or search.

NB: site still in its infancy


cite [at] webcite.org.uk

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