'A source of strong emotions and terrifying images which it arouses through fears of the Beyond, Catholicism frequently provokes madness; it generates delirious beliefs, entertains hallucinations, leads men to despair and to melancholia.
foucault | madness and civilisation | catholicism | religion

'Liberty, far from putting man in possession of himself, ceaselessly alienates him from his essence and his world, it fascinates him in the
absolute exteriority of other people and of money, in the irreversible interiority of passion and unfulfilled desire.'
foucault | madness and civilisation | liberty | society | volition

'Civilisation, in a general way, constitutes a milieu favourable to the development of madness.'
foucault | madness and civilisation | sanity | society

' Through work, man returns to the order of God's commandments; he submits his liberty to laws that are those of both morality and reality (...) all
exercises of his imagination must be excluded'
foucault | madness and civilisation | sanity | volition | work


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