‘Synchronic metaphor of the diachronic. An instant soup. As here, symbolizing the New World's rejection of history, but in France there are still kitchens where soup has simmered for all of four centuries (…). Thus, a good meat broth set bubbling about the time of the League of Cambrai, bits of sausage added while Gaston de Foix was fighting in Italy, cabbage shredded in while Guises were shredding the Huguenots, a few new beef bones to celebrate the Aristocratic Fronde, fresh pork scraps for the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle (…) End of neck for the Jacobins, chitterlings code of Napol é on, bitter herbs for Elba.'
m/f | cooking | haute cuisine

‘The whole of history has been taken up with pretence after pretence that the void between the two voids can be filled with something other than play. Yet if nature does all the serious work, what is there left for man?'
m/f | the game | society

‘Roast pork and apple sauce. Sychronic sweet and savoury. Not at all French.'
m/f | cooking | haute cuisine

‘I enjoy the movement of life – kids falling in love, performing birds (…) new gelato flavours, ceremonies, anthills, poetry, loins, lions…'
m/f | mottos


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