'le lecteur de Science et Nature qui parle de la code génétique ou de tabou de l'inceste s'expose au ridicule dès qu'il adventure hors de l'univers de ses pareils tandis que Lévis-Strauss ou Monod ne peuvent tirer qu'un surcroît de prestige de leurs excursions sur le terrain de la musique ou de la philosophie.

'Although art obviously offers the greatest scope to the aesthetic disposition, there is no area of practice in which the aim of purifying, refining and sublimating primary needs and impulses cannot assert itself, no area in which the stylization of life, that is, the primacy of forms over function, of manner over matter, does not produce the same effects. And nothing is more distinctive, more distinguished, than the capacity to confer aesthetic status on objects that are banal or even ‘common’ (because the ‘common’ people make them their own, especially for aesthetic purposes), or the ability to apply the principles of a ‘pure’ aesthetic to the most everyday choices of everyday life, e.g., in cooking, clothing or decoration, completely reversing the popular disposition which annexes aesthetics to ethics.'

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